Film TV Academy | CAROLE SIEW
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Carole is an experienced marketing communications practitioner with a proven track record of 8 years experience in all aspects of marketing communications, corporate business intelligence event management, video & multimedia production, events planning & management, public relations, advertising, business development, learning and development and project management. She holds a BSc (Hons) Computing and Multimedia Technology Business Information System from Middlesex University, UK.


Carole joins ATCEN with a diverse and rich creative and management background. A specialist in corporate and lifestyle events, she continuously adds value to the ATCEN brand with her innovative marketing communication, creative solutions and managerial skills. In the course of her career, she has designed and created multiple multimedia projects and led successful marketing communication campaigns for both clients and the ATCEN Group. Experienced in the full cycle of marketing communication and multimedia solutions, she prides herself with her achievements of driven business solutions; increased organizational sales revenue, efficiency, productivity and contributing to the organization’s bottom line in achieving desired results.


ATCEN is proud to have Carole’s talent and injection of intense value to the ATCEN Brand and DNA.